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   16/09/2014 20:00 - 16/09/2014 22:00
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Join us on Tuesday September the 16th for the first comedy night of the new season. New season, new venue, and... we lowered the entrance price !

Headlining this show, the incredible Benny Boot (Aus) Benny Boot (Australia) has been performing on the UK stand-up comedy circuit for 6yrs. Boot delivers his jokes in a unique style on variety of strange topics. His engaging persona & material keeps the laughter rolling through the entire show and is guaranteed to bring any audience undone. Edinburgh Festival (Pleasance Comedy Reserve - 2007; Just the Tonic Showcase - 2006); NBC’s Last Comic Standing (UK Finalist).

Along with him : Zeid Andersson (Sweden) - One of Sweden's top female comics, she won the One-liner of the year award in 2012; Neil Robinson (CAN) is one of the fastest up and coming talents in Northern Europe; Jason Waddell (USA) - Taking belgium by storm, this American, IT nerd by day, and experimental comic is an up and coming star of tomorrow; And your host Joe Eagan (Can)

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English Comedy Night

   The Black Sheep- Chaussée de Boondael 8, Ixelles, Belgique


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