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   20/05/2014 20:00 - 20/05/2014 22:15
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English Comedy Night, May 20th, 2014, with a superstar headliner that has received prestigious reviews and won many awards, Mr Tony Law (Can). Here is the line-up: Tony Law (CAN) Tony is a surreal and unique stand-up comedian, who looks like a cross between a 1908 Olympic athlete and – his words – a 16th century Genoese sailor. His TV appearances include Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle and Have I Got News For You. He is known for his highly surreal material and delivery, and 1950s Americana style of dress, favouring boots with turned-up jeans and a Viking/explorer style of hair. Ahmed Berhan (SWE) This African Swedish comedian is all energy and one of the foremost booked comics on the Scandinavian circuit, including a regular on the well-known Raw stage in Stockholm. His comedy is full of action and using all the stage, and his liveliness and quick-witted nature will leave you gasping for air between laughs. David Hayden (EIRE) David Hayden is an Irish Comedian Based in Antwerp Belgium. He was shortlisted for BBC New Comedy Awards 2012 and Finalist for “Show me the funny 2011” Winner of (the much coveted) Battle of the Axe - Ha’ Penny Bridge Inn - Dublin 2010. He moved to Belgium in 2011 and started the “Cafe Manger Saturday Night Comedy “ where he MCs and presents local and International acts. He has supported some of the best comedians in Belgium, Ireland, Germany and the UK. As well as a regular on the Belgian Circuit he also brings English Speaking stand up comedy to Belgian schools. Jeroen Pater (NL) Jeroen is one of the foremost names in Dutch comedy and known as the godfather of the Utrecht comedy scene. Observational and twisted humour at its finest - he is a bit of a communications skills expert and we're looking forward to the magic he can work on the audience tonight. Joe Eagan (CAN) Joe currently resides near Copenhagen and runs the English comedy club there. Founder of, he is also very much a ‘behind the scenes’ kind of guy, organizing and co-organizing countless shows throughout Europe. On stage, he specializes in entertaining crowds with his unique perspective about life in Europe, culture clashes, and lots of other fun things - a maple syrup mix of observational humour you don't want to miss! tickets are 20€ in presale, 25€ on site. Entrance through Place Van Meyel Pasta corner on site, cheap and tasty ! Like us on facebook :

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BL - English Comedy Night, Tuesday May 20th

   Bouche-à-Oreille- Rue Félix Hap 11, 1040 Brussels


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