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   17/06/2014 20:00 - 17/06/2014 22:00
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At TTO Theatre, not at the previous venue ! Don't miss our last comedy night before the summer break, and what a lineup ! 3 great comedians coming directly from the London circuit, with healdiners Daliso Chaponda and Chris Martin, along with Winter A must see ! Daliso Chaponda (Maw) Daliso began his comedy career in Canada with the acclaimed one man show ‘Feed This Black Man’. Subsequent appearances across Canada followed (highlights include The Just For Laughs Festival 2005 & CBC Television’s ‘Crossing The Main’). “A stand up comedian with raw Eddie Murphy confidence, cheek and super-polished style.” Nerve, Liverpool “brilliant, thoughtful comic.” - The Gazette Live, Teesside "Had the audience won over instantly" - Natalie Boxall, BBC Tees "With his frank delivery, accent and cartoonish voice, he has a unique and endearing stage presence." - Chris Bonaparte, Community Contact, Montreal Chris Martin (GB) Over the last years that Chris Martin supported Jack Whitehall (2011), Russell Kane (2012) & Milton Jones on his full tour for 2013. He performed a sold out run at Edinburgh Festival in 2011 for his show “Chris Martin: No, Not That One” & is doing his first solo tour in the spring of 2014. "One of the UK's best young observationalists" – The guardian "Destined for greatness" – The Sunday times Winter Foenander (NL) Winter Foenander has a surreal, energetic style with stories on his Dutch heritage and life growing up in Ireland. A few well-placed gags and a story about an engagement that ended due to his fiancées eating disorder, his tangential mind ponders the occupation of Holland, Charity Donations, James Bond, Catholic School Holidays and a song about an Overweight Fiancée.

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English Comedy Night, TTO theatre -Tuesday June 17th

   TTO théâtre,- Galerie Toison d'Or, Avenue de la Toison d'Or 1050 Ixelles, Brussels, Belgique


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