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Check this one out, swedish superstar Magnus Betnér will be for the first time in Brussels, for two shows, in Swedish on Monday and in English on Tuesday

Magnus has since the early 2000s built a national audience through participation in TV shows such as The Parliament and Stockholm Live. In 2007, Betnér had his first tour in Sweden, 'Nothing is sacred' and since then has toured extensively with the sequels Address to the nation (2008-09), the Word of Life (2009-10) and Magnus Betnér IV (2011-12). The humor style that is characteristic of Betnér is often political, often liberal and provocative. Some recurring topics that often become the object of satire in Betnérs shows about racism and religion in all its forms. Even journalism, in particular, Aftonbladet, has been a popular discussion area. Betnér often argues in his shows that freedom of expression is the most important thing, and that it must apply equally to all. Betnér has been awarded "Best Male Comic" at the Swedish Stand-up Awards 2005 and 2010.

As a stand-up comedian and actor Tobias Persson participated in several programs on TV such as SNN", "Robins", "Hard Angled" "Lotta on Liseberg" Stockholm Live, Babben & co and morning sofa at SVT. He has made imitations of P3's "Carpe diem" and "Live P4" and played in several farces including a theatrical farce Where is Zlatan?, shown on TV4 and TV4 Plus. Tobias Persson in 2008 was voted best male stand-up comedian at the Swedish Stand-up Awards. Since 2009 he has appeared at top comedy clubs in the UK. Autumn 2014 he was involved with the comic book "The involuntary pun successor" as well as his own solo show "Offended was here."

Fritte is a comedian and radio host. Since 2006 he runs the humour club Oslipat in four Swedish cities and is heard each week on the podcast All my comrades. In spring 2015, All My Comrades also produced a daily radio program. 2012-2014 he was heard on P3's sketch program Fucking Carpe Diem. Fritte performs at most of Sweden's stand-up clubs including Norra Brunn and RAW and has also appeared in Finland, Denmark, Norway, UK and USA. In the spring of 2014 he traveled to Afghanistan as a field comic performing for troops. With charm, clever jokes and impressive audience improvisations, he is one of the best acts in Sweden.

Joe is a Canadian resident in Sweden since 2000, Joe is also the founder of the booking company A maple syrup mix of observational humour not to miss!

The comedians WILL PERFORM ****IN SWEDISH**** AT THE SAME VENUE ON Mon, Nov 16, 20.00, BUY 16EUR Tickets through
etnérs shower 

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Magnus Betnér - English show (new link below)

   The Black Sheep- Chaussée de Boondael 8, Ixelles, Belgique


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