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Women: Convince & Influence People

Active training through theatrical improvisation and challenging « live » role-plays!

Ladies! Magnify your impact: be the one that everybody, men alike women, notice and want to follow !


Give a strong image of yourself thanks to resources often ignored by women: humour, right to make mistakes, losing one’s grip.

Dare market yourself by developing your own mythology and learning the way of promoting your story, your results and your values.

Trust so-called “women’s qualities”: listening, empathy, emotional intelligence which are now being recognized as essential keys to professional efficiency.

Through revitalizing and interactive exercises, learn the key tools to successful communication and interactions.  Get everything you need to be a charismatic woman. Experience a behavioural training with a professional consultant-actress to convince and influence in a managerial or a commercial interview, in a meeting, a networking situation, a public speech or a management committee.

Duration: 1 day

Location : Brussels

Dates : 30 june 2015 – 9.30 – 17.30

Warning: the sessions are limited to 7 participants for a more individualized training

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   30/06/2015 09:30 - 30/06/2015 17:30
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ImprO2 - Belgium - Women: Convince & Influence People - 30 june 2015

   Brussells- Rue d'Edimbourg 26 Edimburgstraat